Discover These Top 5 Apps Real Estate Apps Today

Looking for a home has been made a lot easier with the introduction of smartphones. Previously, the process used to be hectic as it was done traditionally using maps. Prospects searching for homes had to incur expenses of travelling to see homes some of which even did not reflect their expectations.

However, technology has made getting real estate information easier. Below are the top notch apps for real estate:


This app is a recent entrant to the app store. BiggerPockets is still undergoing major improvements. Therefore, those owning it should expect updates from time to time. Despite this, the app is already popular as it has registered a large number of downloads.


The app can be obtained only from the iOS store. One of the reasons why the app is useful is that it allows its users to participate in forums of BiggerPockets easily, anytime, from any location. This means that whenever you stumble on a development anywhere, you can easily go online and get facts or opinions of what others have to say about it. This app is free.


While this app is free for personal use, those seeking to use it for commercial purposes will have to acquire it at a small fee. It is a unique app because it takes pictures of the floor and then maps out the tiles suitable to be placed on it. Those renovating floors will find it useful to model designs of floors before getting down to construction.

Landlords too, can map out different floor plans for their websites or craigslist. Additionally, marketers can use the floor plans to market their materials.


MLS Apps such as and

This grouping has been made purposely because these apps are almost similar. They only differ at small instances because each of them provides information about their respective websites. A unique feature common to all of them is that they provide a listing on a map on the property sold’ or on sale’.

Further to this, the app is free for download and with the map feature; a person can drive around to see property on sale’ or the ones which have been sold from the comfort of your car.


Mainly designed for commercial purposes, Loopnet is used to search for property online. Its search criteria are price and size of the property on sale. Therefore, one is bound to find the most expensive property by using this app.

The app is not totally free because a fee is charged so that a person can see all the total listings of property.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz is a free app that enables its users to view listing in detail. Property is shown in hundreds of photos and designs. People are bound to spend much time while using this app to view all the detail. In fact, it has gained the name Wikipedia of design’. Professionals might find the app very useful due to its wide range of unique content.

Investors, agents or those people who are simply interested in real estate will find the apps to be a must have’ because of what they offer. The information contained therein can be used to make business easier and more productive.

5 Ways to Tell You Are Sabotaging Your Relationship

Managing a relationship is both an art and a science. It is an art in the sense that you need to be practical and proactive when it comes to doing whatever it takes to move it to the next level and a science in that you should be systematic, calculative and tactful in handling your presumed soul mate for the common good of the partnership. One wrong move and a series of problems emerge sending both of you into relationship turmoil. Are you sabotaging your relationship? Below are 5 ways to tell if you are contributing towards your own downfall.

1. Insecurity and less confidence about your body

While it is normal to feel a little embarrassed about some faults in the body e.g. scars, too much emphasis on them may lead to serious relationship problems. It even gets worse when compliments make you nervous and you feel embarrassed to the extent of you covering up your naked body to avoid being seen by your partner. Such a behavior could lead to withdrawal from sex and greatly compromise intimacy in a relationship, killing it instantly.

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Relationship

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Relationship

2. Unreasonably snapping at petty issues

It may appear human to disagree sometimes, what matters in any argument or disagreement is the way issues are handled between couples. There may be a small problem yet a partner decides to over react blowing things out proportion in the process. Yelling at your partner is not the best way to handle your differences as it only accomplishes the opposite and may even prompt the other person to yell back resulting in confrontations. This is a common act by individuals with anger or temper issues.

3. Excessive jealousy in the relationship

Jealousy is a sign of love. However, too much jealousy could mean low self-esteem and/or high level of insecurity, a feeling that you are not good enough for your partner and that someone may take them away from you. Jealousy that is not controlled could be driving him or her away slowly. It is good to trust them and always give them benefit of doubt where there is no sufficient evidence to support your insecurities.

4. Too much communication to stay in touch

Communication forms the backbone of any relationship. In contrast, staying on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or other forms of modern communication with the hope of keeping in touch could be sabotaging the relationship by boring each other. It is sometimes recommended to stay a while without communication in order to be missed by your partner.

Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Relationship

Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Relationship

5. Comparing your partner with your Ex

Constant comparison between your partner and your ex could be the fastest way to lose him or her. Alternatively, expecting them to disappoint you by cheating on you like it happened in your previous relationship could create chaos among you. You are more likely to create new relationship problems that would be unmanageable.

Relationships can be fun but at the same time be a disappointment when they fail to meet our expectations. Regardless, good relationships can be fun and enjoyable while bad relationships have the potential of permanently changing someone’s view on relationships – in a negative way.

Quick Fix To A Busy Life: 3 Intensive Workout Plans In 30 Minutes Or Less

Almost all of us are rather busy, roughly every day. We are much used to a fast-paced lifestyle that drives us to squeeze school or work, errands, social activities, personal space, and rest within 24 hours. The activities are sort of overwhelming but have you ever looked in the mirror and see a reflection of awesomeness?

Aside from diet and enough rest, exercise is one of our physiological needs necessary for our body to keep functioning as well as improve our general appearance. However, who says you can’t burn mega calories as fast as 30 minutes or less? With the intensive workout plans, you can! Here are 3 high-intensity programs you can perform at least three times a week and say hello to awesomeness in no time.

The 20-minute pushup and crunch superset

This routine is named superset because you have to accomplish each cycle in 2 minutes. The cycle includes 10 regular pushups, 10 crunches, 10 wide pushups, 10 crunches, 10 triceps pushups, 10 left crunches, and 10 right crunches. Triceps pushup is done by getting into a regular pushup position but putting your hands closer, your thumbs should be almost touching. Now repeat this cycle 10 times without resting in between sets.

 No Time To Train? Try These Intense 20 Minute Workouts!

No Time To Train? Try These Intense 20 Minute Workouts!

Torch calories and get toned, the circuit way

Circuit training is known for improving strength while burning body fat. The good news is, you don’t have to go to any facility to do circuit training! Simply perform 100 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, 20 squats, 10 pushups, 25 bench dips, 60 seconds wall sit, and 60 seconds plank. You should be able to accomplish the routine in 15 minutes. Repeat that and you got yourself 30 minutes of workout time. Also in doing bench dips, you can do this by using a chair but be sure to hold it against the wall and lower yourself to full 90 degrees. Again, no resting in between!

The four-set, 30-minute workout

In this workout, you will need timer, chair, and mat. Set #1 is comprised of squats and press ups. Start set #2 with lunges and triceps dips and then set #3 by performing sit ups and wall squats. Lastly, perform step #4 by doing step ups and ball pass. Basically, each set should be done in 2 minutes with 20 seconds for each exercise and 10 seconds rest in between, for a total of 3 cycles. Warming up by doing some step ups on your stairs for at least 2 minutes is a must in this program.

 Fast Fitness: The secret of how you can change your body in just eight minutes

Fast Fitness: The secret of how you can change your body in just eight minutes

Some people believe that longer you exercise, the more you are to lose weight. Well the truth is, our body does not really react to time but to the intensity of the exercise. A 30-minute intense workout is as effective as the 1-hour workout. These 30-minute intensive workout plans are very doable and can effectively get you in shape while sparing more time for the rest of activities. Remember, don’t let your “busy” state be an excuse. If you want to achieve your goals like you say you do, do what it takes. Push your limits!

The Top 5 Investments This Summer

For some, attaining financial security is an easy exercise in luck. For most people, the only way to obtain financial security is to save and invest over a period of time. Investing is making money work for you. You can make money work for you by either investing your money so it earns interest or you buy something that you hope will over time increase in value. When you sell it, someone will pay a higher value for it, you get your money back plus the increase in the price. Compounded interest happens when you earn on interest on money you saved and on the interest your money earns. After a time, this amount can add up well enough to help you achieve your financial goals.


One must understand, however, that investments involve some degree of risk. The reward for taking on risk is the potential for greater gain. If you intend to purchase stocks, bonds and mutual funds, be prepared for the possibility that you could lose money. Unlike bank, deposits the money invested in securities are not insured. Investment in high risk assets is good if you are making a long term investment. Investing in cash investments are appropriate for short term goals. It’s down side is the risk of inflation that will outpace and affect returns.

The Reality of the Top 5 Investment Myths

The Reality of the Top 5 Investment Myths

Provided they are tailored to your specific financial goals, income need, tolerance for risk and investment time frame, the following are investments you might want to consider this summer:

  1. Real assets in emerging markets. - The growth opportunities in these markets are more promising than in the US. While there are potential blossoming stocks in the US, emerging markets have more potential and outperform markets like the US over the last several years. According to Forbes, International Equities selectively chosen into growth portfolio can be a promising investment since selective growth opportunities still exist in Germany and other emerging markets outside of the US in general. According to experts, consumer products that relate to food, shelter and energy will fuel long term demand for real assets.

  1. Bonds. These securities provide fixed income. If you are ok with that, the PIMCO Total Return ETF according to ThinkAdvisor is a fund that will continue to gather additional assets in 2013. It is the fastest growing and largest actively managed ETF because it’s a solid performer. It also happens to be managed by legendary bond manager, Bill Gross. As of November, the ETF has grown to $3.7 billion in assets. According to one expert, inflows to fixed income ETFs will continue at a rapid pace as investors hunt for yield at low cost.

  1. Gold. According to experts, this is not only a potential inflation hedge but also an equity market volatility hedge. Certain investments may appear to give a decent return but when inflation is taken into consideration they can be sold at a loss. Assets considered an inflation hedge is attractive to investors. This keeps their value competitive even though its intrinsic value may be much lower. Gold is a precious metal widely considered an inflationary hedge.

My top 5 global property hotspots to keep firmly on the radar this summer

My top 5 global property hotspots to keep firmly on the radar this summer

  1. Technology. – In 2012, technology led the market higher. Because of this, according to experts, this makes one sector ideal to watch during 2013. Apple contributed to the spike in technology stocks. Being the leader in the technology sector, it will affect the prices of technology stocks as a whole. Since Smartphones and tablet devices are popular at the moment, there maybe developments in the offing. If Apple stocks will prove to be strong, expect the entire technology sector to do well.

  1. Global Real Estate. – The downturn in global real estate has reached rock bottom and there is a building momentum as regards housing recovery in the US and overseas. Because of this, Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and other international REITs are something to look out for.

Taking A Working Vacation Without Too Much Stress

Everyone could use a vacation after a while but it can be a challenge for business owners to do this. This is where the working vacation may come in handy. The working vacation is a concept where you’ll get time to yourself in any place you want without having to worry about working too much and is frequently done to get people to relieve all their stresses.

Plan the right time

You have to start by thinking about when you will get into your working vacation. It’s always a good idea to head out during a down time in your business. This can include a time when the volume of traffic to your business is not going to be all that strong. It should be enough to give you time to rest and relax for a change. The stress that you have from all that work is often enough as it is anyway.

Prepare delegations carefully

The right delegations must be used in the workplace before you go out on a vacation. You should see that you are getting the right people ready for your absence by allowing people to take certain positions that you usually hold on a temporary basis. You can do this to give your business the coverage it needs while you’re out. It makes it so someone will be responsible with running your business while you are not there.

Too Much Stress? Escape now!

Too Much Stress? Escape now!

Check in at the right times

You will have to make sure you get in touch with your business everyday while you are on vacation. It’s often best to check in during the early morning hours when everyone might be ready to work. This will give you an idea of what’s going on with your business. This is to make sure that you don’t think about what’s going on in your business all day as you’ll have taken care of all your thoughts after a while.

Keep your tech in your hotel

You must make sure that you avoid brining all your technology for checking things in your hotel room or wherever else you’ll be sleeping. You should not spend a vacation being a slave to all of the things that you normally check. Keeping things out of the way from some places in your vacation is especially essential as you’ll be more likely to keep your work a little more organized and in control.

The Holiday Money Roundup

The Holiday Money Roundup

Avoid meetings if you can

The last thing you want to do when on a working vacation is to go in a meeting with someone. You should make sure any work duties you have while on a working vacation are just casual events that are easy to enjoy. These include events where you’ll simply check on the business and see what reports might have come in. Don’t be too intensive in your work while you’re on a vacation or else the enjoyment of the vacation will be lost in the end.

A working vacation will certainly be enjoyable when you know what you’re getting out of it. This kind of vacation will let you stay in touch with your business while also giving you time to relax for a change.